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Keep the skin clean with a hygiene routine

A step by step routine for your loved one's hygiene

Providing your loved one with a good hygiene routine will help keep them feeling clean, comfortable, and confident. With the right plan, you’ll help prevent skin irritation and infection, while soothing their skin. To maintain their independence, only provide assistance for things they can't do themselves. Here are six simple steps to help your loved one with their routine, especially if they're not able to maintain their hygiene levels on their own due to mobility, dexterity or other issues.

Set the right environment

Gather all supplies in advance. Make sure the room is warm and explain the process you're going to go through step by step.


Maintain their dignity

Washing is a very private activity, so be sensitive to your loved one's dignity. Only uncover their body one area at a time.


Check the skin condition

Look for any new skin tears or signs of skin breakdown. Pay particular attention to bony areas and skin folds.


Always start with the face

Start by washing the forehead, cheeks, nostrils and around the mouth. Once the face is clean, move on to wash the ears and don't forget to wash behind them.


Move on to wash the body

Wash the upper part of the body including neck, back, armpits, tummy and navel. Make sure the area under the breast and skin folds are kept clean and dry where irritation can occur. Move on to wash the legs and feet.


Finish with the genital area

Find out if your loved one is comfortable with you washing their genital area before starting. Always wash from front to back to avoid contamination from faecal residues.

Once washing and drying is complete, it's time to moisturise. Moisture the whole body daily to avoid dry skin and itching, which can further break down the skin barrier. 
ProSkin product range

Choose the right product

We have a range of skin cleansing products to help you keep your loved one clean. Our no-rinse, soap-free, wash creams allow you to cleanse the skin without washing with water. If you like using wipes, we have both dry and wet wipes, but we also have wet wash gloves that you can also heat up to optimal temperature.

Top tips on keeping your loved one clean, comfy and confident.

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Clean and dry the skin

Make sure to wash between your loved ones legs with a gentle soap-free cleanser like TENA Wash Cream.

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Avoid soap and water

Washing intimate areas with soap and water changes the skin's natural pH and makes it vulnerable to infection.

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Use gentle skincare

Use no-rinse skincare solutions that don't need water like our TENA Wash Creams or Wet Wipes.

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Use soft materials

Traditional wash cloths are too rough for sensitive skin, try using TENA Soft Wipes and Wash Gloves.

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Moisturise the skin

Keep your loved one's skin moisturised. Use creams, lotions or oils all over their body on a daily basis.

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Try using wet wipes

TENA Wet Wipes are pre-moistened to cleanse, restore and protect in one simple step, without using water

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